I think enough time has passed for me to safely post this. Not all my clients are happy clients. Normally because I just brought them a huge reality check. But, better to know the truth than spend millions of dollars drilling something that is not there.

The following poem was written by one such disgruntled client, after some mapping in the upper Amazon basin. Enjoy.

wet_wozzy_riopuyoTHE BALLAD OF MIRADOR

I woke up one morning,

after having a dream

of a vast oil pool

trapped in the Hollin   (PRONOUNCED O-YEEN)

In the core of a structure

in the heart of the Andes

The thought of those riches

had made me quite randy!

But the key to this treasure

in its hidden jungle vault

Was entirely contingent

on a single thrust fault

But my dreams have been shattered

My treasure… no more

(Not that it mattered!)

Farewell, Mirador

So take heed all you dreamers

Beware Warren Pratt

Fine prospects he’s withered

That dirty rat!!