Dec 18, HS Epithermal, West Turkey
Jul 16, Epithermal Au/Ag, Russia
Jan 17, Epithermal Au, Ecuador
Mar 17, Epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Sept 18, Epithermal Ag, Bolivia
Nov 08 Cu skarn Peru
May 16, VMS Au/Cu, Colombia
Mar 06 Au porphyry, SW Ecuador
Jun 18 Cu/Au porphyry, Turkey
Oct 13 Orogenic gold, Finland
May 13 Epithermal Au/Ag, Peru
Sep 18, Orogenic Au, British Columbia
Aug-Sept 03 Intrusion-related Au (mine, N Sweden)
May 18, Orogenic gold, British Columbia
Oct 11 Fe project, Apurimac, Peru
Jan 15 Orogenic gold, Finland
Feb 10 Epithermal gold, Colombia
Apr 04 Cu (Mo) porphyry, N Peru
Nov/Dec 16, Epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Sept-Oct 05 SEDEX Zn-Pb-Au (mine), N Sweden
Sept 02 Petroleum exploration, E Ecuador
Sep 07 Cu skarn, Peru
Aug 09 Epithermal gold, Colombia
Oct 89 Orogenic Au, Malaysia
Jun 18, Orogenic Au, Finland
May 15 Cu massive sulfide, Finland
Nov 12 Copper porphyry, Argentina
Sep 12 Epithermal Au/Ag, Peru
Dec 13 Orogenic gold, Sweden
Mar 14 Orogenic gold, Sweden
Feb 08 Cu skarn, Peru
Apr 11 shear zone Au, Tanzania
Jun 18, Cu/Au porphyry, North Turkey
Feb 11 VMS deposit, Ecuador
Aug-Sep 14 Epithermal gold, Russia
Nov 11 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Sep 16, Epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Jan 18, Porphyry gold, Ecuador
Apr 08 Gold mantos, Peru
Oct 18, LS Epithermal, Nicaragua
Feb 13 Epithermal Au/Ag, Mexico
Aug 09 Manganese, Turkey
Apr-May 04 Au-Ag low sulphidation epithermal, S Ecuador
May 18, LS Epithermal, Nicaragua
Jan-Feb 04 Intrusion-related Au (mine, N Sweden)
Mar 06 Au low sulphidation epithermal, Ecuador
Jan 12 Au epithermal evaluations, Libertad, Cusco, Peru
Oct 14 Orogenic gold, Finland
Dec 04 Porphyry course, Tucson
May 05 Cu (Mo) porphyry, N Peru
Feb 14 Copper porphyry, Peru
May 14 Massive sulfide, Au/Cu, Colombia
May 18, LS Epithermal, Argentina
Oct 12 Epithermal Au/Ag, Mexico
Jul 07 Shear zone hosted gold, Finland
Aug-Sep 11 Cu/Au porphyry, Nevada
Aug 08 Cu skarn and porphyry, Peru
Dec 12 Epithermal Au/Ag, Mexico
May 12 Shear zone Au mine, Finland
Jul 13 Epithermal Au/Ag, Mexico
Mar 10 Cu porphyry, Argentina
Oct 05 Shear zone-hosted Au (mine), N Sweden
Jul 11 Au epithermal and porphyry, British Columbia
Feb 14 Massive sulfide, Au/Cu, Colombia
Jun-Jul 04 Intrusion-related Au (mine, N Sweden)
Jul-Aug 17, LS epithermal Au/Ag, Russia
Apr 08 Massive sulphide, Ecuador
Jun-July 14 Epithermal gold, Russia
Apr 13 Epithermal Ag, Mexico
Jan 05 Ag-Au intermediate sulphidation epithermal, S Peru
Oct 07 Epithermal gold, Turkey
Mar 16 Epithermal and orogenic Au, Portugal
Apr 05 Sandstone-hosted Au, SE Peru
Oct 11 Ag/Au mine, Mexico
Jan 14 Orogenic gold, Finland
Sep 09 Epithermal gold, Colombia
May 10 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Apr-Aug 03 Petroleum exploration, E Ecuador
Jul 09 Shear zone Au, Finland
Jul 10 Cu porphyry, Arizona
Jun 09 Manto Cu, Chile
Aug 10 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Mar 11 Cu porphyry, Argentina
Aug 13 Epithermal gold, Russia
Sep 12 Orogenic gold, Finland
Aug 07 Gold porphyry, Newfoundland
Mar 11 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Jul 10 Cu-Au-Ni-Pt project, Minnesota
Jan 11 Cu porphyry, Arizona
Jan 18 Porphyry Cu, Ecuador
Mar 13 Orogenic gold, Finland
Mar 18, LS epithermal, Nicaragua
May-Jun 11 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Oct 12 Sedex Ag, California
Sep 10 Au shear zone mine, Finland
Jan 09 Massive sulphide, Ecuador
Jul 12 Au/Ag epithermal mine (>5 Moz), Mexico
Feb 12 Cu porphyry, Ancash, Peru
Mar 12 Ag/Au mine, Mexico
Mar-April 02 Petroleum exploration, E Ecuador
Jun 12 Au/Ag Epithermal, Chukotka, Russia
Oct 17, LS Epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Jun 08 Epithermal gold, Turkey
Jul 04 Grassroots Au project assessments, N Sweden
Sep 17, LS epithermal Au, Guatemala
Jul 09 Shear zone Au, Sweden
Jun 17, LS epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Nov 09 Epithermal gold, Colombia
Aug 04 Intrusion-related Au (mine, N Sweden)
Jun 08 SEDEX silver, California
Jan 08 Argentina, Chile. Grassroot projects review
Aug 03 Engineering geology, water tunnel route, Scotland
Jun 13 Epithermal gold, Russia
May 05 Cu porphyry, Peru
Feb 08 Epithermal gold, Peru
Jan 10 Exotic copper, Chile
Jan 11 Cu porphyry, Argentina
Nov 04 Ag-Au intermediate sulphidation epithermal, S Peru
Sept-Oct 04 Cu (Mo) porphyry, N Peru
Nov 07 Manto gold, Peru
April-July 03 Cu (Mo) porphyry, N Peru
May 17, LS epithermal Au/Ag, Guatemala
Feb 05 SX-EW Cu porphyry, Chile
Jun 16, Epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Nov 17, LS epithermal Au, Nicaragua
Jan-Feb 06 Au porphyry, SW Ecuador
May 11 Training, Peru
May 18, LS epithermal, Nicaragua
Mar 03 Au-Ag low sulphidation epithermal, S Ecuador
Jul 08 Mississippi Valley zinc lead, Spain
Apr 15 Au/Ag epithermal, British Columbia
Jun-Jul 03 Au-Ag low sulphidation epithermal, S Ecuador
Nov-Dec 05 Grassroots, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador
Sept 04 Intrusion-related Au (mine, N Sweden)
Feb 18, LS epithermal, Guatemala
Feb 06 Black Angel Zn/Pb massive sulphide, Greenland
Aug 05 Cu-Au porphyry, Cajamarca District, Peru
Jun 04 Sandstone-hosted Au, SE Peru
Nov 10 Ag SEDEX deposit, Argentina
Jun 18, Orogenic Au, Finland


Specialised Geological Mapping provides cost-effective geological mapping and modelling to mining, hydrocarbon and engineering companies. In a world of increasing specialization, where map-making skills are disappearing, we believe that making an objective map has also become a specialism.

We offer a mapping service backed up by geologists with considerable experience. Increasingly, we contribute to geological and resource models by integrating mapping and core logging into sophisticated 3D models. These models develop by integrating careful surface and underground observations with drill data. Structurally complex ore deposits, modelled using Mapinfo-Discover 3D and Leapfrog, are a speciality (see video example below).

Our maps and models provide a solid foundation for exploration, regardless of whether the properties are grassroots or relatively advanced. A well-made geological map, when combined with surface geochemistry, geophysics or seismic, guides drilling and ultimately saves exploration dollars. Likewise, engineering projects will benefit from maps of superficial deposits and geological hazards, such as compressible soils, abandoned mine workings and landslips.

Mapping Training & Orogenic Gold Portugal 2020

Mapping Training & Orogenic Gold Portugal

A mapping training course for students and early career industry professionals, with field areas in northern Portugal (orogenic gold). The focus will be on modern mapping, logging and structural geology techniques. Integration of field data into 3D GIS models will be covered. There will be evening presentations on orogenic gold. Drill core will be examined at the LNEG facility in Porto. Attendees limited to 20.

Tundra tales – Year 6

Warren Pratt - Geological MappingYou know the situation. At the barbecue, party, or parents’ evening, someone sidles up and asks ‘So…….’, and nowadays all sentences start with ‘so’, ‘So, what do you do for a living?’. And you tell them, ‘I’m a geologist. I work in gold exploration’. A pregnant pause follows. Then, an ‘Oh, that’s nice’, and off they sidle for less complex prey.

It’s hard to make small talk with a geologist. Most people have no idea what we do. So, and a ‘so’ is justified in this context, here is a ‘day in the life’ of a geologist. more