Nowadays, because of limited budgets, health and safety constraints, and early specialization, few universities emphasize field skills. The quality of geological mapping may have declined, but the geological map is still the principal element in any commercial assessment, whether related to engineering, precious metals, or hydrocarbons. Specialised Geological Mapping Ltd offers training, in English and Spanish, in:

  • geological mapping
  • all aspects of gold copper mineralized systems, particularly to help distinguish volcanic textures from hydrothermal textures
  • alteration mineral mapping
  • recording and interpretation of structural data
  • the mapping of superficial deposits for engineering geology purposes

The training can be of buddy type, in which a small group of participants shadows the geologist and learns ‘on-the-job’, or, through instruction. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • read maps,
  • locate themselves on a map (without recourse to a GPS)
  • relate topography to underlying geology,
  • think in 3 dimensions,
  • use methods such as float and vegetation mapping in poorly exposed areas,
  • record data in a legible and durable fashion,
  • use the available time effectively.

Our location close to Aberdeen, UK, also allows us to offer refresher training courses to petroleum geologists. The emphasis on these courses is teamwork, maximising the available time, and thinking in 3 dimensions.

You may have a particular field area in mind for your training requirements. In many ways, this is best because the instructor is forced to resolve field problems along with the trainees. If you want to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

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