Review of ‘San Andreas’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Part of an occasional movie review series.

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To begin, an explanation of these eclectic choices. As a geologist, the first is essential viewing; I am honour-bound to vet movies with a geological theme. ‘Dante’s Peak’ gets a big thumbs up for its realistic pyroclastic flow and top drawer acting. (That being said, driving over red hot lava will never work; even Pierce [...]

Review of ‘Leviathan’. Part of an occasional movie review series

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Now and then it is nice to watch one of those ‘off the radar’ films. On SAS I can check out Danish films, which is how ‘After the Wedding’ became one of my favourites; and not just because it has Mads in it. Similarly, I can get my quotient of screen nudity and gallic noir [...]

Sit. Rep. Morocco. 2015 – Finding myself in Morocco

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Weather. Sunny, easterly wind. Occasional rain showers. 22 degrees Celsius. Status. Unwinding. To try to continue self-improvement during my ‘year off’, I took myself, at short notice, to Morocco. Not to Marrakesh, long a magnet for, how to put it delicately, ‘those seeking same-sex company’. Nor to Casablanca, supposedly a renowned film location, though I [...]